Country Breeze Farm

A holistic community with a heart that empowers persons with intellectual disabilities to live to their fullest potential with dignity and purpose




Country Breeze Farm, currently in development, will be a holistic community with a heart that empowers persons with intellectual disabilities to live to their fullest potential with dignity and purpose. We will provide exceptional housing, life-enriching programs, and loving, comprehensive care in a safe, vibrant, inclusive farm-style community.

​Full time residents and day clients, both of which are referred to as ‘Farmers’, are valued as individuals. Each is important, personally known by caregivers and staff, and nurtured to live a happy and full life. Farmers will have a multitude of programs and other opportunities to work and socialize with their peers on the farm. Additionally, they will have supervised interaction with the local community, and be encouraged to participate in a wide variety of enriching activities.

Country Breeze Farm is anchored in the core values of faith, hope, love, compassion, and all care is delivered by the principles of the Golden Rule. These values become part of each Farmer, caregiver, and employee; and are manifested in a friendly community that is filled with remarkable and authentic joy and growth. New milestones, miracles, and expanded capabilities of the Farmers are created every day; and will be celebrated in one way or another so as to provide positive reinforcement and further embolden a community team atmosphere. It’s a place where residents and day clients become family with each other and staff, and a place where Country Breeze Farm becomes home.

CBF Outside
CBF Outside


Being established in beautiful East Tennessee, the country setting will provide residents and day clients a place to be at peace, live a healthy lifestyle, feel at home, build positive relationships, and lead rewarding lives. A charming, secure campus will include aquaponic greenhouses for growing organic vegetables and flowers, a therapeutic horseback riding arena, chicken houses, fish ponds with a dock, a large gathering center and a multi-purpose building for events, outdoor gardening, a fitness facility, crafting, music programs, indoor/outdoor basketball courts, bocce ball courts, gazebo for relaxing, an outdoor shelter for picnics, and nature paths throughout.

A full-time 24-hour caring staff will help our special farmers discover and enjoy occupational projects, whether caring for the land and animals, cultivating and harvesting organic produce, helping in the office, or working in other ways on campus. The days will start with a community meal, prayer, singing, and an encouraging message. This naturally leads to a healthy social atmosphere augmented with lively get-togethers, community outings, excursions into town, and enjoyable work. Our special residents and day clients will always e accompanied by well-trained and loving staff members.

Community partnerships with local churches, businesses, schools, colleges, and volunteers will play an important role in providing additional opportunities. Our trained staff, security measures in place, and strict operational protocol will ensure that our special farmers are always safe and well cared for.