Our Mission

Country Breeze Farm is a vibrant not-for-profit community for adults with cognitive disabilities and, often, other challenges; dedicated to enabling our residents, and day clients, to achieve their full potential, providing them and their families a future of hope. Country Breeze Farm encompasses a safe and comfortable environment with programs and services that enables our special farmers to be blessed with a good quality of life with purpose, love, and nurturing companionship.  At Country Breeze Farm, we address all of the social, emotional, occupational, intellectual, physical, and spiritual components needed for a person’s overall well-being.

About Country Breeze Farm

Country Breeze Farm is being established as a thriving community which will not only meet the needs of our ‘residents’ and ‘day clients’, but will also be a place where they can grow and flourish.

Our ladies and gentlemen are valued as individuals. Each special lady and man is important, well known by caregivers and staff, and nurtured to live a happy and full life. Our Farmers will live, work, and socialize with their peers in a safe and loving community at a place they call home. Country Breeze Farm employs, qualified caring staff, including caregivers, administration, program managers, and other support staff; all of whom are thoroughly vetted.

Country Breeze Farm is:

  • A not-for-profit organization

  • A private-pay assisted living community for adults 18 years and above with developmental disabilities

  • Licensed by the State of Tennessee

  • Governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees

  • Regulated by state and county health, environmental, and transportation agencies