Secure Campus and Facilities



Plans for Country Breeze Farm include a wide variety of facilities and infrastructure to support our special Farmers. First, consider that the farm will have a completely secure campus featuring a security station at the entrance and a secure perimeter fence. The security station has full gate control and provides video monitoring for anyone entering or leaving the premises. In addition to trained staff, video monitoring is provided at various places around the farm, which are accessible to management at all times. Some of the live video feeds can be viewed by families online. 

24 Hour Video Monitoring

by Staff and Loved Ones

In addition to stringent protocol and well-trained staff, video monitoring is provided at various places around the farm, which will be accessible to management at all times. Some of the live video feeds can be viewed by families online.

Residential Housing with Community Areas

The living arrangements will feature individualized bedrooms custom furnished for each resident according to their special needs. The open community room will have tables, couches, and recliners, where residents can hang out, relax, share a snacks, socialize, watch approved show on the screen, or play games. The facility will be staffed 24/7 and features specialized bathrooms with hot water controls, non-slip surfaces, and safety glass.

Recreation and Events

Country Breeze Farm features a campus designed and filled with peaceful places, outdoor lunch & picnic areas, and more. The outdoor recreation areas include places for bocce ball, basketball, volleyball, frisbee, soccer, walking paths, fishing, paddleboats & canoeing, picnic outings, as well as places for music concerts and festivals. Indoor recreational events and activities are just as plentiful and include a fitness facility, music, as well as many other activities.

Community Building

Country Breeze Farm will feature a unique multi-use building with a stage that allows for worship services, cafeteria dining, indoor recreational activities, and entertainment events such as plays and musicals. The building will also have a fitness center, classrooms for arts and education, administrative offices, a kitchen, a reception area, bathrooms, and maintenance and storage facilities.

Indoor Riding Arena and Barn for Animals

Country Breeze Farm will have Therapeutic Horseback Riding. This will allow residents and day clients the opportunity to enjoy and bond with the animals. A fenced-in outdoor area will also be available for riding horses and raising goats.

Greenhouses and Aquaponics on-site allow our special ladies and gentlemen to actively work at producing healthy food, raise fish, and grow flowers.

Outdoor Organic Farming

Healthy food production extends out to the fully functional outdoor organic gardening areas. Residents, day clients, and staff will thoroughly enjoy the produce they grow, and the satisfaction of selling it in the Country Breeze Market.

Chicken and Homing Pigeons

Chickens and homing pigeons provide further animal interaction. Fresh eggs are available for our special Farmers to eat and sell.

Environmentally Friendly Campus

Country Breeze Farms is designed to be an environmentally friendly campus. It features permeable driving and parking areas with natural filtration and buffers to mitigate storm water runoff and pollution. Buildings are also energy efficient and will be equipped with appliances that reduce the impact on the environment. The facility emphasizes recycling, conservation, and the use of environmentally friendly products